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If you are gifted, sometimes you feel very alone.
That’s exactly when you need to know that you are not the only one at all.
Just read what children, parents and teachers felt, saw and experienced.

Have fun!

My son was worried about something and we did not know what it was. We went to different people in order to talk about it but that did not help.
After speaking to Ilona for a couple of minutes, he got very emotional and told us what was bothering him. I was deeply impressed. Once we understood what troubled him, Ilona and my son looked for solutions together. That worked. He started to like school again, felt better personally and was able to laugh again.
To my mind, Ilona’s strength not only lies in her positive approach but also in that she respects children. She gives them tools that help them solve their own problems in a way that suits the child. That way the child gets more self-confident.

Whenever my son returns from Ilona’s coaching sessions, he looks at the world differently. He is no longer a victim, but tries to actively change things.


The weekly coaching sessions with Ilona are a big treat for Heleen.
Ilona quickly understood that Heleen thinks in images and taught her which learning strategies are most efficient for her. She taught her to look for ways to solve a problem instead of panicking.
Heleen’s self-esteem has grown enormously, and her grades at school have soared.
Due to Ilona’s coaching, Heleen has discovered how great studying can be and how you study as efficiently as possible.


Ilona is the greatest teacher that I have ever had. I feel safe with her. If you have a problem, she will explain until you understand how to deal with it. I’m learning so much!’

Scyler (8 years old)

‘Studying is boring, but Ilona helps making it more fun. She’s got a sense of humor and that’s important to me.’

Jack (10 years old)

‘I love working with Ilona. Reading is a lot of fun. I love going to her place!’

Gigi (6 years old)

Ilona means the world to our kids and therefore to us, too.
She helps the children to be confident and makes them understand how they can use their cognitive abilities. She always conducts her coaching sessions around the personality of a child.
As she knows exactly what a child’s cognitive abilities should be there is a lot of space for personal development. Our children have not only improved intellectually due to her coaching, they have also become stronger and wiser. What a great woman!’

Vera Driessen

For my gifted first graders Ilona helped me implement material. She first looked at what I knew and respected me for who I was.
She had me ask questions that we tried to solve together.
Being coached by Ilona has been a very pleasant experience.
Ilona added those things that were needed.
To all my questions and problems she found answers and solutions.
Ilona is inspiring and motivating. She cares, is creative and professional and is always there for you.
Such a valuable person!

Teacher gifted class/ first year Primary School

Those of our colleagues that attended yesterday’s session came back full of enthousiastic stories. It was very inspiring!!!


“Ilona is a pedagogue in hart en soul. She is an experienced teacher who is able to find the reasons behind students’ behaviour. She starts talking to them and that builds trust. Problems don’t exist for Ilona. Rather, they are challenges that need to be addressed by her and her students.
Ilona is a teacher who brings out the best in you. She makes her students want to work for her!”

Annemieke van der Groen
Head of school

We got to know Ilona when our eldest son Diede went to year four of a school offering special classes for gifted students. Our son was struggling with motivation problems that lead to negative behaviour. Ilona was his teacher for a year. During that year, we, our son and Ilona worked hard to get his motivation, behaviour and sense of responsibility back on track. He is happy now and has changed from a difficult pupil into a motivated and attentive student. We too, as parents, have learned a lot from Ilona about dealing with and raising gifted children. Often times, Ilona has been more of a social worker than a teacher. Ilona is a warm, authentic and honest person. She was our saving angel at a time when we needed it most. Thank you, Ilona!

Wouter en Marije