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I am Ilona
After finishing my training as youth coach I started working independently and have done so for a couple of years now. What a great job! Apart from coaching I am working at a school for gifted and talented students. Sometimes I feel that things that you experience throughout your career form the basis of further job-assignments. Everything I learned as employee and trainer with the Child helpline, as math- and reading- specialist at school and as yoga-teacher feeds into my coaching sessions. My background helps me understand certain behaviour and grasp the core of problems.

I meet sensitive children, children whose verbal skills are great , brilliant children, children who are cheeky and smart, quiet children, headstrong children and bold children. In other words, I meet the most divers students, each with his own background and “instruction manual”.

What they all have in common is that they can think quickly and differently. They learn how to play chess or speak Chinese at a very young age, but they also frequently struggle with fear of failure or are quickly frustrated. They grapple with lack of planning and concentration problems or even their own inimitable learning strategies. Often, they are excessive perfectionists which makes them hate teamwork.

All of the above confronts the children with their own unique challenges. Those challenges I would like to tackle together with them and help them through all their frustration. Only then will they get the tools to accept their weaknesses and improve them and at the same time be allowed to develop their strengths.

Those strengths we have to celebrate. Everyday, if possible. Hurray for the gifted child!