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Parents and Children

You are extremely bright and still your grades continue to drop. During the last years of Primary or the first ones of Secondary School you seem unable to keep up the pace. And yet- you score high marks on your IQ-test.

You start having problems at home – home of all places!
You hit the roof for no reason.
You argue with everyone around you.
You keep to yourself.

What to do?
If you recognize this, I would very much like to meet you.
There is a big chance that all this means that you are gifted. And that’s not always a blessing. Often, being incredibly bright with regards to certain things means having a lot to learn when it comes to others. How can you tackle that?

That’s where I come in; By playing a challenging game together, for example – even if that sounds odd – or by using your hands to create something. And – alright- by talking about things every once in a while. With your parents, too…

Let’s do all this to make me understand precisely what the challenges are that you are facing. We deal with them together in order for you to go to school again with confidence and pleasure.